Have you heard of Nutrition Therapy or wondered how it can help you?

Hi, I’m  Deepali and welcome to  NutriLive – nutrition clinic webpage

As a registered Nutrition therapist, my purpose would be to find the root cause of your ailments and offer a targeted support plan to meet your goals using natural means like diet and lifestyle recommendations.  I can empower you with the knowledge to help yourself to reclaim your health.

During a consultation, I ask detailed questions about your symptoms, lifestyle, environment, food and habits.  We’ll dig deep and connect the dots to understand what is going on.  For example, you may be tired and fatigued all the time, and confused as to why you don’t have as much energy as you used to even though you eat well and exercise. It may be that (depending on the cause) we need to support your thyroid or your nervous system or investigate your body’s energy production process.  As you can see – nutrition therapy will be more than ‘healthy eating’.

I’d love to help you reclaim your health. Please reach out and message me to find out more. I am based in Birmingham, UK and I can offer flexible consultations either face-to-face or online.