What will a consultation involve?

Appointments can be face-to-face or via online video conferencing, depending on your preference. My aim is for you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Let’s reclaim your health, together.

Discovery consultation

Free, 15 mins

This is where we will discuss who you are, what problems have led to you reaching out and see if there is a good fit for us to work together to reclaim your health. Discovery consultations are free of charge and there are no obligations to book further appointments.

Initial Consultation for new clients

£120, 90 mins

A nutritional questionnaire will be emailed to you for completion prior to your initial consultation in order to ascertain a general understanding of your current health and nutritional status. This will include:

  • A three-day food diary, to be completed and returned prior to your appointment
  • A full analysis of your complete health history including current concerns, symptoms, family history and use of medication and current supplementation
  • Assessment of your nutritional status, diet and lifestyle
  • Discussion on whether functional testing maybe appropriate (This would be at an additional cost)

Completed questionnaires and food diaries are to be returned a minimum of 48 hours before the consultation. We will discuss your goals for your health and wellness. Based on nutritional science, your individual needs will be evaluated and a personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement program will be devised to help you achieve your goals. 

Follow Ups every 4 weeks for existing clients

£90 – 60 mins, £60 – 45 mins

In our monthly follow ups, we will focus on the following:

  • Review your symptoms and health
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress with the initial nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan
  • Review and address any road blocks and additional help needed and discuss any revised goals
  • Identify any additional functional testing
  • Prepare a new revised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan

Please get in touch for information on Value Packages

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